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Pex compression fitting 25×16 reduction


Fitting 25×16 reduction


The press fittings of the PRESS system in relation to other installations stand out, among other things:
– ease of assembly (permanent connection by means of a press tool)
– tightness (guarantee for connections)
– versatility ( variety of applications )
– reliability (insurance protection)
– versatility (use of threaded adapters)
– comfort ( quiet operation of the installation )

The fittings are made of a brass body (nickel-plated), rings of the highest quality stainless steel, two EPDM O-rings ensuring perfect tightness of the connection and a butt spacer (dielectric) protecting the end of the pipe from direct contact with the fitting material.

The connection is made by means of special manual or electric pressing machines equipped with U-profile pressing jaws. The press machines (jaws) are made by casting from suitably selected steel, which guarantees a high number of repeatable connections and a uniform pressing force at exactly the right place on the fitting.

This type of connection is characterised by high tightness and strength, and the connection technique is very simple, as its durability and tightness are independent of the fitter’s physical fitness and feeling

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